Best Dog Food for Cockapoo 2020

Best Dog Food for Cockapoo

Dogs are your best friend, your buddy, your everything. They are the unique gift anybody can get and something which we are shy to give away to anybody. When you feel like having somebody in your life who can understand you and who has the ability to make you happy, dogs are the best  choice.

 Because they will have no excuses for being late or they will never lie to you. They are just simply adorable and sweet that the moment you feel like letting out your anger by seeing them you will forget everything and just hold it in your arms and hug it and there your anger is gone.

A cockapoo is a cute little breed of a cocker spaniel and poodle. It is a wonderful dog and can be your family’s pet dog because they are cute and loving in nature that anybody would choose them as their pet dog. If you are willing to be a pet parent, then cockapoo is the best choice. 

The one thing we need to take care of the most is the type of food we feed them. Unknowingly we tend to give them food that we have but that may not be suitable for your dog. Here are some of the food types that are suitable to a cockapoo:

  1. Hills diet science 
  2. Royal canin
  3. IAMS mini chunks dry food
  4. Blue buffalo 
  5. Caesar

Hills diet science is the most recommended dog food for cockapoo by the veterinarians. It helps in maintaining your dog’s mobility and joints. It also helps in bringing shine to its coat and skin. The blend  of special antioxidants supports the immune system. They come in different weights and the cost of the product varies with weight. For instance 15.5 lb costs $30.99. Pros and cons of Hills diet science are:

  • It offers variety of foods
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Meat protein is the main ingredient which always does not suit the dogs.
  • It contains gluten and grain which is also not good for dogs.

Another option you can go for is the Royal canin. It helps in maintaining the skin coat and shine of your pet helps in easy chewing of food. The blend of nutrients helps in vitality and health of your dog. They come in different weights and the cost of the product varies with the weight. For example 10 lb costs $42.29. Pros and cons of royal canin are:

  • Picky pet parents may go for royal canin
  • Your dog will always feel full
  • Not suitable for medium sized dogs
  • Sometime use of royal canin leads to weight loss

Next best option for you is IAMS mini chunks dry food. They are the next most recommended food for cockapoo. It contains a blend of probiotics and fibre which is good for your dog as it helps in healthy digestion of food. The antioxidants support the immune system of your dog. It cost around $ 31.64. Pros and cons of the IAMS  mini chunks dry food are:

  • It is cost effective
  • Good for your dog’s coat shine and health.
  • Recent change in the formula is a concern among pet parents.
  • They won’t allow for a nutrition test which is again a negative point.

Another option for you in terms of getting an optimum food for your cockapoo is Blue buffalo. It helps your dog in gaining healthy muscles. They have carbohydrates and proteins which meet their energy needs. They have natural ingredients which make them unique. The cost of the product varies with its weight. a 15 lb pack cost $ 29.98. Pros and cons of blu buffalo are as follows:

  • It provides needed energy to your dog
  • Helps in building muscles.
  • Not suitable for dogs with joint problems
  • It is also not good for puppies with allergies.

 Next best option for choosing a dog food for cockapoo is Caesar. It comes with natural flavors. With a flavour of chicken and all the other natural ingredients makes your dog’s  day special. It comes in different flavors like chicken carrots and green, chicken carrots and potatoes etc. it costs around $ 13.90. Pros and cons of caesar are:

  • It contains natural flavors
  • Variety of flavors make your dog's day better.
  • Contains wheat gluten that is not suitable for most of the dogs.
  • It does not have probiotics and fatty acids.


When it comes to choosing the best out of the above mentioned product .I would go for IAMS mini chunks dry food. because it is mostly recommended by veterinarians. It has sufficient nutrients and antioxidants that are good for increasing the immunity of your pet friend. It also helps in good digestion of your dog. 

Hence choose the best for your cockapoo and make them happy. Because if he is happy you are happy too.

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