4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dog Crate

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dog Crate

Crate training a dog is the best way to protect your dog and your precious furniture. But first crucial step to start your Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dog Crate the most suitable crate for him.

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Follow these Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dog Crate and also check out How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth At Home.

1.Choosing the Perfect Dog Crate Size

Basically the crate you are going to choose must be big enough to stand up, turn around, stretch out and lie down for your dog/puppy. Here is the first steps for tips for choosing the perfect dog crate.

For a puppy

Your puppy is still growing so you’ll have to keep that in mind looking for the perfect dog crate size .

It is better to pick a crate that is just the size your puppy can stay comfortably. Just so he can stand up, stretch out, or sleep in the crate. Bigger than that? More space than that will encourage your puppy to sleep on one side and pee or poo on the other side.

Tips for picking a dog crate for a puppy

  • Don’t buy. Instead of changing the crate when puppy is growing you can rent a crate.(look for a store that rents dog crate in your area) Buy a good crate when your puppy is fully grown.
  • Use crates with moveable crate dividers.
  • Use a cardboard box to stuff the crate to make it appropriate size for puppy.
  • Crate with a litter tray/pan

Additionally look for crates that are made with easy to clean material . Puppies are going to make a mess. You are going to have to clean. Guaranteed!

For Older Dogs

Kennels that are too small can be uncomfortable for your dog. And too large kennel can cause him to feel unsafe.

measure dog length height to crate size

  • Measure Dog’s Length– Tip of the nose to tip of the tail.

  • Measure Dog’s Height– top of his head to bottom of paws when your dog sitting. Some dogs are taller when they are seated.

  • Crate’s height and length -Add between 2-4 inches to dog’s measurement.

If you are using pet bed, blankets to make it cozy inside you’ll have to add a few more inches to fit with that.

You can add crate covers for extra protection!


2.Crate for a Specific Dog Breeds

Different crates can be best for different dog breeds. But the main difference is their size, weight and strength.

As a example 42″ Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate by Midwest is popular for an Adult Labrador. It comes with dividers so can be used for lab puppies as well.

Here’s a chart according to the weight.

picking right dog crate size chart

But the bottom line is crate should fit for your dogs size, weight and his strength.

3.Are You a Traveller?

It will best to keep note of these simple guidelines if you are traveller.

  • As usual it should be big enough for your dog to sit, stand, and turn around in, and also small enough to keep them secure. Generally, travel crates should be no more than 6in longer than your dog.

  • However you plan to travel with your dog, a sturdy crate should securely enclose them and protect them from potential accidents. And also to make the feel safe.

  • No matter the crate you choose, it should be easy to assemble, store, and use. Otherwise, you’ll be less likely to use it.

  • Situation. Some crates work best for car travel, some for air travel, and some work well for both.

1.Crates for Traveling in Car

Be careful both dogs and your safety while traveling. Crating your dog is best for your dog’s safety in a accident. And also avoid distractions he can cause while you driving!

see the infographic…

dog car distractions

from carrental.com

Many owners place their dog’s car crate in the back of the car – the traditional cargo area.

This is not a very smart thing to do because rear and front areas of the car get the most damage in an accident. (back crumple zone may not be danger area for some cars. example SUV)

don't place crate in crumpled zones of car

from BBC

It will change depending on the car but just avoid crumple zones. Ideal place is the back seat of a car.

Now you know where not to put it. So what type of crates are best for traveling in cars?

1.Traveling dog crates are the easiest to use weather your dog is large or a small breed dog.

2.Transk9 dog crate-This is the solution to noisy, poorly fitting crates for your wagon or SUV. Transk9 is custom made for your vehicle type and rattle free. This is best for heavy travellers and large dogs because this is a expensive option.

2.Crates for Air Travelling

Whether your pet is flying as checked baggage or cargo, it will travel in a temperature controlled and pressurized compartment right under the cabin.

There are few requirements your dog crate have to meet to be accepted to travel by air.

  • The pet crate must be large enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Dogs like french bulldog, pug (snub nosed) require one size larger than normal for most airlines.
  • The crate must be made of fiberglass, metal, rigid plastics, weld metal mesh.
  • The crate should be should be sturdy in design and not collapsible.
  • No top doors!
  • Both water and food bowls must be attached to the inside of the front door and be refillable from the outside without opening the door.

The rules regarding approved types of containers for dogs(other pets) cabin and as cargo were created by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and, for the most part, have been accepted by the world’s airlines.

Source: pettravels.com

4.Crate to Fit the Placement

Where are you going to put the crate. This is going to be a permanent place for crate so you’ll have to be careful that the crate fits where you’re going to place it.

If it is living room crate should fit with your decorations, maybe it’s a large breed dog so you might want to use a heavy duty crate so you won’t have to adjust it each time it budges away from its’ place.

If you are extra considerate about the style or home decoration you can pick a stylish crate to fit your house vibe.

stylish crates


You may rent a dog crate for puppy or pick one with the size that it will grow into and use dividers, cardboard box to limit the extra space. Crate must be large enough to stand up, stretch out, or sleep in the crate.

Here is the best Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dog Crate.

Travelling dog crates are the best when travelling in car. Or transk9 would be great choice if you are frequently traveling since it’s durability and safety!

Top 10 Traveling dog crates



1st Place
DogGoods Foldable Travel Kennel and Soft Dog Crate Collapsible Soft Sided XL Dog Crate By by DogGoods: Do Good 9View Product


Best Value
Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel By by Petmate 9View Product
3Foldable Dog Crate – Soft, Easy to Fold & Carry Dog Crate for Indoor & Outdoor Use By by 2PET 9View Product
4Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home, Multiple Sizes and Colors Available By by EliteField 9View Product
5Travel Lite Portable Play Pen/Soft Crate with Removable Shade Top for Dogs By by Pet Gear 8View Product
6BIRDROCK HOME Internet’s Best Soft-Sided Dog Crate By by BIRDROCK HOME 7View Product
7Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets By by PetNation 7View Product
8A4Pet 27″ Pet Car Travel Crates Carrier for Medium Dog, Puppy and Cats By by A4Pet 6View Product
9Travel Pet Home Indoor/Outdoor for Dog Steel Frame Home,Collapsible Soft Dog Crate By by Petsfit 6View Product
10Folding Soft Dog Crate, 3-Door Pet Kennel for Crate-Training Dogs By by Veehoo 6View Product

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