5 Surefire Ways to Tire out a Dog

Surefire Ways to Tire out a Dog

Having a dog is same as having a child. No matter how loveable, they cause wrecks and messes that will add more trouble in your life.As you have already have heard but still overlooked fact is that most bad behaviors can overcome if you give him a good enough exercise to tire him out. So we covered 5  Surefire Ways to Tire out a Dog.

“Tired dog is a good dog”

Below you can discover 5 surefire ways to tire out a dog and also check out Best 10 Crates For Labrador Retriever.

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How to Tire out Any Dog

Sure… hiking , swimming, giving a walk are great ways to tire out a dog but if you are not a hiker or you don’t have time for a long walk giving a proper exercise to your dog can be a challenge.

1-Get Your Dog on Treadmill

This is a good alternative for a long walk and less trouble.

How to Train Your Dog on the Treadmill

You’ll need 1 or 2 leashes depending on your dog.

  • Step 1- Place the treadmill so the dog isn’t running into a wall and let him get familiar with the treadmill(let him sniff it, get him up on it when treadmill is off and let him watch you use it.)
  • Step 2- Get him leashed to the front of the treadmill so he won’t get of when the treadmill is running. And hold other leash in your hand(guiding leash)

If your dog is small you can do this with one leash.

tire out a dog on treadmill

  • Step 3 – Turn treadmill on and guide him to get on the treadmill.

Start the treadmill slow at first. For a small dog pick up the dog, start the treadmill at a very slow speed and then place him on the treadmill. Otherwise start with the dog on the treadmill and then turn it on.

Use guiding leash to get him to proper place. when he’s lagging behind from the proper place give some pressure by pulling forward and when he is too forward pull backward to get to the proper place.

Release the pressure when he’s in the right place.(watch video below)

Use 30sec-1min sessions at first. You don’t need to use leashes when he is natural with the treadmill.

Never leave your dog tied to the treadmill. This can cause injuries or even death.

Your dog may be a little anxious at first but when they are trained, they get natural and they’ll love it.

2-Chasing the Bubbles

 This is a fun game to both you and your friend. Also a great way to strengthen the bond with your furry friend.

Perfect for dogs who have bone or joint issues-Chasing the bubbles will be the best alternative games like frisbee fetch( which most dogs love) and a surefire way to tire him out the safe way.

You can use bacon scented bubble or dog bubble machines to make things interesting and safe for your dog.

How to Play

Start by manually blowing bubbles for him with the wand later transition to a machine.

Start out in your house, garden or park and get down on dog’s level.

Now begin blowing bubbles slowly out of the wand.

5 surefire ways to tire out a dog infographic

What If He is not Interested

Your dog may or may not get excited to the bubbles at first. If he is not take some time. He may be delighted by chasing bubble when he starts to play.

Or some dogs may not have any interest at all. Usually large dog breeds. If that’s the case play fetching frisbee.

Note-bubble can be ingested by the dogs or go to their eyes. This will be very little amount but if you are worried you can get dog bubble bottles for few bucks.

3-Pass the Puppy

Play this at house with your family or in the park with other dog owners.

How to Play

  • Step 1- Gather with 3 or more people forming a circle. Place or make the og sit at the center. If the dog is too excited that he won’t stay in the center hold him in the center and start the game.
  • Step 2- One member calls the dog to come. You can use a treat to lure him. And he doesn’t need to be trained-basic commands(stay or come) Just show him a treat and call him to come.
  • Step 3- When he reaches ‘A’- praise him like crazy and reward him with a treat.

Then another member in the circle calls him(let’s say ‘B’) so ‘A’ stops petting or praising him. When he reaches ‘B’, ‘B’ do the same as ‘A’.

You can imagine how exciting this game can be for your dog and you. And also to have some fun and bonding time with your family and your dog.

Also play pass the puppy in the park to,

  • get to know other dog owners in the neighborhood
  • Play in terms with other dogs(of other owners)- socialize and train patience, obedience.
  • Great and fun way to enjoy the ‘dog park time’ for both owners and dogs.

4-Treats in Snuff Pad

Dog loves a good search. Old school hiding treats all over your house can be messy and dirt things in the house.

instead use a snuff pad…

dog in a snuff pad

Hide treats in a snuff pad and let him search for them. Snuff pad’s design is so effective and sure to tire him out because,

  • your dog can smell the treats close but he will have flip, dive search for the treats.
  • will keep your dog entertained and at work for long periods of time

Dog will usually take a nap after playing because it wears them both mentaly and physically.

5-Teach him tricks/games

The easiest way to wear out a dog is to giving him mental exercises and stimulation. For a dog to learn a new trick, takes a lot of energy.

but it’s also fun,

playful dogs

you can teach shell game, basic roll over, stay or teaching them to speak.


Training your dog for treadmill will come handy when you have to deal weather or for some dogs 2 hours of walk isn’t going to cut it. So we covered all 5 Surefire Ways to Tire out a Dog.

Chasing bubbles is best for dogs who need low impact activities-dogs who have arthritis or other bone, joint issues.

‘Pass the puppy’ is a good way to socialize your dog.

Teaching new tricks and toys like snuff pad, kong, iq balls, barnacles, magic mushrooms will also be effective and fun to tire out your dog.

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So which one you’d use to tire out your dog?

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