Best Dental Bones For Dogs Reviews 2020

Best Dental Bones For Dogs.

Hygiene! An essential aspect of life. Without proper hygiene, you start looking filthy. When you get dirty, you attract germs. When germs visit you, your health gets worse. And then a visit to the doctor is next in order. This is not just for humans, but also for our pet dogs. They tend to attract fleas, and their skin starts deteriorating if we don’t take proper care of their hygiene. And Oral Hygiene is an essential part of this process. Our Jimmy has the habit of licking things. They don’t care what it is. They like to do it. But, it can be dangerous for him.

Various elements enter his mouth, which can degrade their oral health. This can lead to multiple ailments like bad breath, gum disease, halitosis, or plaque build-up. This will start irritating our sweet Jimmy. He won’t be the same. He might even bite you off. But it’s better to take him to a vet than you are going to a doctor. We might avoid pain, but he won’t. The process of veterinarian requires giving him anesthesia then doing the treatment. We need to avoid that too. And for that, we need to get down to the basics. Brushing Jimmy’s teeth will do the work. But not everyone likes to get their teeth to touch. Most humans also don’t. So, a convenient solution to keep their hygiene in check and protect them is dental bones/chews. Let’s go check them out.


Here are the Five Best Dental Bones For Dog:

The first product on our list is affordable Milk-Bone Advanced Oral Care Brushing Chews. Each bone contains 12 essential vitamins and minerals along with calcium to keep teeth healthy. The design of the bone is a patented one. It has nubs and ridges designed to clean like bristles. It is a product approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. The box contains 18 treats. Each a day is the best way to use it, as it contains 65 calories per bone. It is only suitable for medium size dogs. Always make sure that your Jimmy chews it and not gulp it down whole. And still, if you think you can’t believe this product, it’s made right here in the USA. With a rating of 4.5 🌟 and an affordable price of $10.49, it makes a pretty good choice for Jimmy’s oral care.

  • Tasty.
  • Nutritious.
  • Less quantity.
  • Not suitable for small dogs.

The Natural Balance Dental Chews is another equally right choice for your pet. These Dental Chews make the teeth and gums healthy. The treat also comes with aromatic ingredients like spearmint and parsley to prevent bad breath and make your Jimmy’s breath fresh. The chewing of the bone also helps in removing tartar and boosts easy digestion. It also improves the immune system of your Jimmy. This product will show the best results when given every day. It comes in different flavors from Duck Meal, Sweet Potato & Chicken Meal to Fresh & Clean, which is listed here. It also has three different sizes, so make sure to buy according to the size of your pet. Customer ratings are around 4.5 🌟 , and the product cost is $15.78.

  • It contains Vitamin C.
  • Unique design.
  • Not for dogs below 15lbs.
  • Quality may differ sometimes.

Pedigree’s Dentastix is generally suitable for large dogs, which are above 30 lbs. They come in multiple flavors like Chicken, Bacon, Bacon & Chicken, and Beef. The pack comes with only seven treats. Its design is patented. It enables the cleaning of the gum line to promote healthy gums. The chewy texture of the stick scrapes away plaque while chewing. It also freshens the breath of the pet. The most loved flavor is the original chicken flavor, which we have listed here. It comes with an impressive rating of 4.8 🌟. The price, though, seems a bit high at $27.93.

  • Grain-free.
  • Vet Recommended.
  • Overpriced.
  • Very less quantity.

The C.E.T VeggieDent Chews come in Z-shape bone, which is unique and very useful. It is also an approved product of the Veterinary Oral Health Council. It is suitable for dogs between the size of 22-66 lbs. The Z-shape bones are made with teeth freshening technology to provide fresh breath. It also controls the production of tartar between the teeth. The company has also recently launched improved quality of the same type. But, it has not been very well received by pet owners. Most of them still prefer this original one. They are supposed to serve once a day. It has a sound rating of 4.4 🌟. It is a bit pricey for 30 sticks, i.e., $37.41.

  • Unique shape.
  • Dogs love it.
  • Price has continuously increased.

Purina’s product once again makes it to the Best Buy category on our list. The Purina DentaLife Dog treats are very impressive. They have a chewy and porous texture, which allows cleaning hard-to-reach teeth. They also provide a 57% reduction in tartar build-up. The product is suitable for dogs between the size of 20-40 lbs. It contains 40 chews. It is devoid of any artificial colors or flavors. It comes with a tasty chicken flavor. The ingredients it is made up of contains rice, glycerin, calcium carbonate, citric acid, etc. It is advised not to use this product as a daily meal and only provide the required amount. It has an excellent rating of 4.7 🌟. It is priced at $12.48, which is quite affordable.

  • Delicious.
  • Maximum tartar prevention.
  • Very thick in size.
  • Not suitable for older dogs.


Taking proper care of our pets is a challenging job. Because we don’t know what they will like and whatnot. We might fail to understand their needs. But we have to keep trying. That’s the key. Sometimes the product won’t be useful, but you will find a better product in the end. And anyway, we have already made your decision a bit easier now. But remember that just these dental bones won’t be enough for your dog’s oral hygiene. Keep brushing his teeth alongside to achieve better results.

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